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Playmate Katie Lohmann's Journey Worth the Wait - page 3

By Jeff Ferrantino on March 31, 2007

Katie Lohmann, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, freeones, hot, sexy, young, model, Playboy, Playmate, interviews"It was a really great time for me," she said. "It was odd because I was going to all these parties. I met Madonna, and I just started meeting all these people that I admired when I was young. I think that I handled it pretty well. I didn't get into any real party scenes or anything like that.

"I knew that I came out here for a reason," she continued. "I came out here to try and make it in the industry and the last thing that I wanted to do was be foolish and get involved in a scene that wasn't me. I was never much of a party girl and I wasn't about to become one, even though I was living in Los Angeles. There were too many opportunities for me to screw it up."

Taking advantage of the doors opened by Playboy, Lohmann eventually started to pursue her true passion — acting. While she wasn't exactly landing her dream roles, she was thankful to just start getting her foot in the door.

"I was willing to take whatever I could get, as long as I was comfortable with it," she said. "The stuff that I was being offered didn't even really require me to have any knowledge of acting. It just required me to look good. I was learning the business. What better way to learn the business than to just do it, rather than sitting in some dumb class listening to some guy who didn't make it as an actor himself?"

Once she had some acting experience under her belt and the desire for more serious roles developed, Lohmann started to take acting classes from Jason Buyer, a former senior casting coordinator for Warner Bros. Television.

"He's a great coach, I trust him," Lohmann said of Buyer. "He's hard on me, which is good, because it only makes me better. As soon as things slow down a bit, I'm going to go back and take some more classes with him."

Lohmann has two films arriving on the screen in the coming months — "7/10 Split" and "Loveshack," a film directed by Michael Silver.

"I had a lot of fun with that," Lohmann said of "Loveshack." "Everyone that worked on that is so funny and so talented. I learned so much by just being on the set with all of them."

With a number of films and television roles under her belt now, Lohmann is at a place where she is pushing hard to advance her acting career.

"Developing and growing is where I'm at right now," Lohmann explained. "Yeah, I've done a lot of the T&A stuff, but name one actress who hasn't. These days, the industry is changing so much that everyone is posing for Playboy or everyone's doing nude scenes in films. It's getting more and more competitive, and even the older actresses are disrobing. I just figure it's a fair game now.

"I can honestly say that I'm still waiting for something that is recognizable enough to take me to the next level," she continued. "There is only so much that you can do — take your acting classes, you network with people, try to go to a lot of Hollywood events like Oscar parties and movie premieres, so that you can meet people. I'm still waiting and I'm working my butt off for it."