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So You Finally Secured Your Telfar Bag - Here's How to Style Everyone's Favorite Purse

By Celebrity News Wire on April 20, 2021

The pandemic definitely took a toll on my personal style this past year - I mean, how could it not have? - and frankly, I can only get amped about so many pairs of soft sweatpants. But I've finally found the item that's gotten me out of my rut, just in time for basking in beautiful spring weather and easing back into normalcy: Telfar's small bubblegum shopping bag. Not to be dramatic, but this little pink mini brings me a kind of joy that I forgot I could feel for an item in my closet.

Despite the fact that it's freaking adorable, the beauty of this bag is that it easily goes with everything I own. In fact, it's become as much of a staple as my everyday white sneakers, which says a lot considering it's the brightest shade of pink. It's the cutest addition to a casual combo of leggings and a t-shirt for errands, plus a spring-y outfit for outdoor hangs with friends, and I imagine it'll also pair perfectly with a dress and heels, whenever I'm ready to wear those again.

As I recently demonstrated in a mini "What's in My Bag" segment on a video call with my coworker, the small Telfar purse fits more than you'd probably expect. While the bag does admittedly look tiny when carried, it has quite a bit of depth and comfortably fits my essentials: an iPhone 11, card wallet, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, and lip balm. Now that we've got the practicality out of the way, on to the fun part: styling. If you're looking for tips on how to style your Telfar shopping bag, read ahead for a handful of great inspo.

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